Monday, April 15, 2013

Max is 3

April 13th my little maxi turned 3! Unbelievable. He's showing more personality now and saying more words, it's pretty exciting to watch! We went to lowes extreme sports in Provo with some of his pals. Then had pizza and cup cakes. Sunday we had my super fam come over. We got him a little kitchen( its okay, boys like kitchens too) and his friends got him some wreck it ralph fiss of fury that he has put to good use! I made a monster cake and cupcakes for our family party... We had fun!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

St Pattys Day

Last Friday (15th) I went to Wyatt's class to help with the St Patricks day party. It was lots of fun and we made a big mess! I made some rainbow cupcakes (gluten free) and brought a bunch of stuff to decorate them with, and they were pretty good! Who knew? Hope you had a pinch free day!

I'm excited for Easter! My tulips are coming in... Hopefully all the snow we got last night doesn't kill em off!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winters hap happs

We went to the byu/Utah hockey game this week. My first hockey game (and the kids too) besides the one where the players didn't have legs(Paralympics). It didn't last long but we ALL got out, which hasn't happened in a few months.

Silas took Wyatt skiing for the first time today. He had lots of fun, and said he was the best in his group (it was 1 on 1).

Friday, January 25, 2013

Where the magic happens?

So I'm back on school. There sure is a lot of homework! But I'm loving it. I've got math, English, Pols, and health.
Since we got rid of our desk I have no where to do the piles of homework but the kitchen table, and that would mean Silas wouldn't be able to watch tv. That just won't do, so I've made myself comfy in my room. It needed some tlc, and I set forth to make myself a sactuary.

We got some ikea night stands and frames and some lamps from Costco. I'm diggin it! Way better than before!
I took some before and after, keepin it real with the CLEAN laundry pile.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Felt Bow Tutorial

So here it is.

You've been looking to make a felt bow and now is your chance.

I've put together what I hope is an easy to follow felt bow tutorial. I like to use wool felt, it looks and feels better.  I use this Etsy shop: Material Evidence. She has a variety of vibrant colors I have loved.

I also use puny elastic from Walmart to make a headband, or if your kid has hair (I haven't run into this problem yet) then I would use some sort of clip to adhere to the back of the bow.

Moving on. You will need:

A hot glue gun
needle and thread (any color it won't be seen) note: if you don't care about having puckers in the bow, then you can ignore this part.

First you will cut 3 strips. The width is up to you, depending on how big you want the bow to be.  I cut two of them the same width and length and the third skinny and shorter. 

Then i take one of the big ones and hot glue the ends together.
Then i take a needle and thread and tie a knot joining the two ends.
pinch it in half and poke the needle through.

Then up and down through it, nothin fancy.
Pull the thread so it cinches up the felt creating the little creases

Then wrap the string around the felt a bunch of times real tight. 
Then go under the thread with the needle and make a knot. cut off the ends.
Once you've finished that, hot glue the bow to the other piece of felt that is the same width.
The ends will be too long, but you will finish those at the end.
If you are planning on making a headband now is where i would attach the elastic. 
Measure baby's head and make the elastic slightly smaller. Place a dab of hot glue on the under side of the bow and put the ends of the elastic together. (use a pencil or something so you dont get burned holding it together.)
Now take the little piece of felt and wrap it around the bow and the bottom piece 
(and the elastic if you are doing a headband.)
 tight and decide where to cut it. 
Then hot glue some more. 
If you decide to make a barret (spelling?) then i would hot glue it on after this. 

Now you have your bow. Cut the ends to the desired length.
If you decide to do ric rac or other embellishments 
attach it before putting the bow together.

And there you have it.
Voila! Finished bow.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012!

Christmas has come and gone here, and with it a batch of stomach virus. For some lame reason I didn't take any pictures of the kids in their pjs or opening presents. Oh wait I remember why: Hattie barfed all over hers an Max had diarrhea all over his, that's why. But luckily I got a few later in the day. I made some SUPER easy AMAZING cinnamon rolls and bacon, and rode all over the house with the plasma car,( mostly by myself), the puppet theater i made was a huge success with Silas. So I'd say it was a good Christmas! How was you and yours?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Handmade Christmas

What do you give someone who can buy themselves anything? I found myself asking this question when it was my turn to buy a gift for my cousin Brittany. So I asked her," Brittany. What do you want?" "Make me something," she says. So I asked her her favorite quote and she told it to me.

A long time ago before I was a twinkle in my mommy's eye, my grandpa use to say," Lips that touch a cigaroot shall never rest beneath my snoot!" Probably to deter his daughters from dirt bags. I'd say it worked well. And thus was her favorite quote.

So I gave it my all and tried my hand at the art of paper cutting. Wowee. So time consuming. And SO many hand cramps! Here's my journey...

Warning: So many pictures.